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19:11pm. PJ's on. Cup of tea on one side, Cypress Hill on the other. Must be a Thursday. I know that Thursday is hardly a long day for college, but it is draining to be sat in a lesson for two hours, not for the fact that you are sat in a lesson for two hours, but for the the fact that you have been up for around three hours sat around the house bored before even entertaining the thought of leaving for a two hour stint of emotional scarring.

Boredom is a big factor in the level and quality of coursework, that is just a given fact. But face it with your least favourite lecturer and the absolute certainty of being told to do some work at least nine times, even though you are finished. Am I not the only person who agrees with the statement that we cannot finish six pages of work five minutes after it is given to use as a starting point for bigger and better things? I assume that the majority of you depraved readers understand me when I say that having a methodology shoved down your throat five thousand times a week and less time to finish an answer than you do on the Weakest Link.

We get given work to finish, stop stopping every ten minutes to recap on what you have already told us. It isn't just draining and annoying, it makes you want to hang yourself with the nearest bit of rope. In this case, a USB cable. It is just so tempting for me just to blog about it during the lessons, or at least do something worth while, like review the new James Blunt album. Or cut myself. Cutting myself would be less stressful and painful than sitting in the lessons which we are forced to go.

You may be asking why I go. The answer, you inquisitive socialites, is money. Cold hard cash. Dollar. Cheddar. Whatever you may call it, the simple answer is that money talks. It talks louder than the already raging lecturer that has chosen to raise his voice for no apparent reason. EMA is being cut then end of this year. This leaves no motivation (if you have awful lecturers like I and my group do) to actually go in, work, or even entertain getting out of bed in the morning.

The question I leave you intrepid readers with is, what hope is there for the future, when the now can't even be bothered turn up? Think that one through, you may be surprised with the answer you get.
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