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Top Ten: Metal Bands

After such a long time between this and my last post, I have been listening to classic heavy metal and modern metal trying to work out a top ten for them. It has been a long journey, but I believe I will do these bands justice, I'll start at ten:

10 - Black Sabbath:

The fuzztone lords of 70s metal were both a product of their sludge-rock environment and a harbinger of metal-doom to come. With the garbled, mystic-rubbish caterwaulings of Ozzy Osbourne and the primal power-chording of guitarist Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath provided the blueprint for a good deal of the hard rock and heavy metal that would rattle the brains of future brain crunchers from Slayer and Megadeth to Metallica and Soundgarden. Their most noted work is probably Iron Man, War Pigs, and Paranoid. 

9 - Bullet For My Valentine :

Bullet For My Valentine formed in Bridgend under the name Jeff Killed John, playing primarily Nirvana and Metallica covers. Since finding success with the album The Poison, Bullet have gone on to headline Sonisphere Festival, bring out 2 albums and win many awards for their services to metal. Fronted by Matt Tuck, he is backed up on stage my Michael Padget, Jason James and Michael Thomas. Most notable songs include Tears Don't Fall, Hand Of Blood, Scream, Aim Fire, Hearts Burst Into Fire, Waking The Demon, Your Betrayal, Cries In Vain, Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow and Room 409.

8 - Ozzy Osbourne:

The former lead singer of Black Sabbath has carved out a thriving solo career in spite of, or maybe because of, a knack for creating controversy with his lyrics and his behaviour. Osbourne's sound is basic and to the point, crafted almost strictly for teenage head bangers, who remain his most loyal followers. While his lyrics rarely hold any relevance for anyone over 17, he is to be admired for his skills as a band leader who is able regularly to mine talent on the order of his brilliant one-time guitarist, the late Randy Rhoads. Most noted songs are probably Suicide Solution, Crazy Train, Diary Of A Madman, Bark At The Mood and Mr. Crowley.

7 - Pantera:

Texas' Pantera has earned a reputation as one of the best metal bands of the early '90s, due to their brutal, well-executed aggressive style of playing. Heavy riffs, heavy lyrics and a massive fanbase to boot, Pantera have become one of the most defining metal bands to come out of the 80's. Most noted song is probably Cowboys From Hell, but have other well-known songs, such as Planet Caravan, Clash With Reality and Cemetery Gates.

6 - Slipknot:

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray, after several lineup changes in their early days the band consisted of nine members for the greater part of their tenure—Sid Wilson, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor. However, the death of Paul Gray on May 24, 2010 left the band with only eight remaining members.
Slipknot is well known by their attention-grabbing image, aggressive music style and their energetic and chaotic live shows. The band had somewhat of a meteoric rise to success following the release of their self-titled debut album in 1999. The 2001 follow-up album Iowa further increased the band's popularity. After breaking for their first hiatus, Slipknot returned in 2004 with Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) and once again in 2008 with their fourth album All Hope Is Gone, which debuted at the top spot on the Billboard 200 charts. The band has also released one live album and four DVDs. As of May 2010, Slipknot has sold over 14 million records worldwide. Most famous songs are possibly Duality, Before I Forget, Psycosocial, Dead Memories, The Blister Exists, Surfacing, People = Shit, Wait And Bleed and Vermilion.

5 - Slayer:

Slayer was one of the most distinctive, influential, and extreme thrash metal bands of the 1980s. Their graphic lyrics deal with everything from death and dismemberment to war and the horrors of hell. Their full-throttle velocity, wildly chaotic guitar solos, and powerful musical chops paint an effectively chilling sonic background for their obsessive chronicling of the dark side; this correspondence has helped Slayer's music hold up arguably better than the remaining Big Three '80s thrash outfits (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax). Naturally, Slayer has stirred up quite a bit of controversy over the years, with rumors flying about Satanism and Nazism that have only added to their mystique. Over the years, Slayer put out some high-quality albums, one undisputed classic (Reign in Blood), and saw the numbers of naysayers and detractors shrinking as their impact on the growing death metal movement was gradually and respectfully acknowledged. Famous for Raining Blood, South Of Heaven and countless other classics.

4 - Motorhead:
English metal band Motörhead formed in 1975. Led by bassist Ian "Lemmy" Kilminster, the band was originally named Bastard but soon changed to Motörhead (American slang for speed freak), a name that suited their style of playing very well. Along with guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox, Lemmy and the boys brought the concept of the power trio to new heights, using the bass almost as a lead instrument behind a wall of noise emanating from the other two instruments. They attracted a huge following in England during the late-'70s punk-rock era with their combination of breakneck speed and deafening volume. Though Lemmy remains as the only original member (having revamped the lineup several times over), and their style hasn't progressed much in almost 20 years, their hardcore fans wouldn't have it any other way. Most famous for Ace Of Spades

3 - Iron Maiden:
From their origins as a bar band in the mid 7'0s to being one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the '80s, England's Iron Maiden has proven through many albums, many world tours, and a few personnel changes that it takes a lot to put a good band down.The man who has held the group together through the rough times is bassist Steve Harris who, as a struggling musician for other small bar bands, wanted to created a group that was like no other. Their most noted work is possibly The Number Of The Beast, 2 Minutes To Midnight, Run To The Hills, The Clairvoyant and Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter.

2 - Anthrax: 
Anthrax is an American heavy metal band from New York City, formed in 1981. Founded by guitarists Scott Ian and Danny Lilker, the band has since released 9 studio albums and 20 singles, and an EP featuring Public Enemy. The band was one of the most popular of the 1980s thrash metal scene. When thrash metal began to gain a major following in the mid-to-late 1980s, Anthrax were dubbed one of the "big four" of thrash metal alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer. Noted songs include A.I.R, Antisocial, Madhouse, Intro To Reality, I Am The Law and Caught In A Mosh.

1 - Metallica:
Out of a love of British heavy metal and hard rock from the early '70s, guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich formed Metallica in late 1981 with guitarist Lloyd Grant. For a long time there was no bass player, but when Grant left and was replaced by guitarist David Mustaine, bassist Ron McGovney also joined the group. In 1982, Mustaine, Hetfield, and Ulrich moved to San Francisco to work with bassist Cliff Burton. Sometimes playing his bass like a guitar, Burton's style was unique.As time went on, they replaced Mustaine with Kirk Hammet (of Exodus), and went to New York to record their debut album in late 1983. Successful tours across the US helped Metallica get their name and music to the masses, and in 1984 they recorded a second album. Just as that album was selling well, Metallica signed with Elektra, and the album was re-pressed on that label. Music magazines started calling this band someone to look out for.In early 1986, Metallica released Master of Puppets, their best album to date. Soon they were the next big thing and having the time of their lives. Unfortunately, on a tour in Sweden, their tour bus slid off the road and bassist Cliff Burton was killed. Metallica found bassist Jason Newsted, who left his band in Arizona to join them. This lineup has held to this day, and they have become one of the biggest bands in heavy metal -- period. Their influence on thrash-metal bands around the world is too huge to ignore. Songs people love include Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, Enter Sandman, Welcome Home, Sanitarium, Cyanide, The Day That Never Comes and St. Anger.

There we go. I hope you enjoy reading it, because it took a long time to write. Hope you enjoy it. Another top ten in the pipelines so keep your eyes peeled.
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