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Review: Family Guy; It's A Trap!

The third instalment of the already popular Family Guy "Jedi" saga continues in this final episode of the original films from the Star Wars franchise. Aptly named "It's A Trap", this 57 minute long episode features not only Family Guy characters, but Two faces from American Dad and a furry face from The Cleveland Show.

The episode starts in the usual way, the power cutting out, but instead of the excitement seen in the previous Two episodes, they adopt a more, "Lets-just-get-through-this" attitude. The episode starts with Stewie entering the new Death Star, and meeting who else? But Roger from American Dad as one of the Commanders talking to him about the progress of the Death Star. After this, Chris tries to get Peter (Han Solo trapped in carbonite) free from Jabba's palace (aptly played by Joe). Chris fails to bargain for Peter and Co. and is promptly dropped into the Rancor pit, the Rancor portrayed by American radio host Rush Limbaugh. They then get taken out to a desert, where they are going to be dropped into "a giant anus in the desert" and slowly digested over a thousand years. They escape this bad development, with Jabba being strangled to Death, and Boba Fett falling into the "giant anus in the desert" (played by Meg [Who else would it be, eh?]). The episode carries on with fewer puns than the previous two, with Chris going back to the Dagobah System to finish the Jedi training, and the others fighting to take out the Death Star. They end up on the forest moon of Endor, where Louis meets the bear from The Cleveland Show, the Emperor (Carter Pewterschmidt) being thrown over the side by Vader, and Chris breaking his neck accidentally.

This feature length is worse than the other two, not in the fact that it offers less, because in ways it offers more, but more due to the fact that you can tell the time wasn't put into it as much as the other two. This instalment seems less funny than the other two, with many less puns, and fewer gimmicks offered. They will not be covering the next three films, as The Cleveland Show will be doing them.

Overall not bad, but could have been much, MUCH better.

Film Score:

Humour - 3/5
Gimmicks - 2/5
Overall Score - 3/5
Originality - 3/5
Better Than Previous - 2/5

Score - 13/25
Review: Family Guy; It's A Trap! Review: Family Guy; It's A Trap! Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, January 03, 2011 Rating: 5

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