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Review: Breach

Before I actually write this, please bear in mind that the game I am reviewing is an Arcade Trial game, and I have only played a snippet of what it has to offer. Thank you.

Breach is an FPS (first person shooter) involving two teams, the Black Ops (creative eh?) and Op For (again, I wonder where they got these names from?) The trial game offers 1 map (Silo) which you can do a conquest game (in this case, it is called infiltration) and a team deathmatch. You are given 2 weapon sets as custom, which means you have to unlock the rest as the game progresses. You rank up by earning experience (I wonder where they are getting all these idea's from) which unlocks different gun classes. You are given a choice of 5 classes, with the rifleman class and demolition class as standard to get you into the game. The other classes include a "Gunner" class, a "Recon" class, and a "Sniper" class.

The game play itself is actually really slow, with running movements that look like your solider has a club foot. The guns you get are pretty blocky and the gunfire is as accurate as a drunk man trying to piss straight. The underslung grenade launchers seem to fire as far as they want and make the grenade drop as much as they want. The gunfire seems to veer from right, to left, to even further left, back to the right and back to the centre again when you try and aim down the scope, and the blind fire option tends to spray bullets closer to your feet than the enemy's general area. The graphics are shoddy and the movements of the players when they go down hill is shocking. It's like they are having a seizure whilst trying to fire back at whoever is shooting at them. Their own team most probably.

On the plus side, you do get to blow a hell of a lot of shit up. You get dynamite packs which stick to walls, bridges, cars and faces. You unlock RPG's, snipers and other weapons to cut people in half with (providing that it wants to cut the enemy in half, and not your finger or team). You can take cover behind walls just by pressing the right analogue stick down, from which you can blind fire and aim from abysmally. Even though they are not accurate, the weapons are pretty deadly and powerful once you can shoot in a straight line without the recoil sending your shoulder 6 feet behind you

Overall, a pretty shocking game, fun at first but once you see past it's so called "new" exterior, it is just a rip off of a cross between Battlefield: Bad Company and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Game Score:

Graphics - 2/5
Gameplay - 2/5
Movement - 2/5
Armoury - 3/5
Basic score - 3/5

Overall score - 12/25

Review: Breach Review: Breach Reviewed by Matt Large on Saturday, January 29, 2011 Rating: 5

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