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O.K, how many of you have an internet radio player? If not, then why not? These little pieces of heaven are perfect for finding new music. At the moment, I'm listening to Techno-Students, a non-stop techno station from Germany, with pretty much perfect latency and no loss of bandwidth. I love these things, and I think you should too. Who needs to torrent when you can record direct to your hard drive, USB, iPod, media player or whatever else you have on your computer.

Some of these players even have TV on them. I almost shit myself with excitement when I heard about this, so I'm probably going to save up and buy one. I like the versatility of these things, they are perfect to use on the go, in the home, at college (providing they let you), at school, on the train, wherever. Ever since the USB was invented, people have been waiting for more and more advanced versions of these, and finally we have them.

Be smart, if you love music, invest in one. If you love TV, invest in the newer ones. If you just love to show off with your rave music on a crowded underground train and don't mind getting beaten senseless, invest in one of them. You won't be sorry, I wasn't. Prices can be anything nowadays, from £5, to £30. Bearing in mind the £30 ones do come with options to cut adverts out of TV and things like that. So, I say again, get one, you will love it, and it will blow your mind.
Interwebz Radio Interwebz Radio Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Rating: 5

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