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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. Christmas is over, the new year is 2 days in, and people are starting to regret the office parties and honesty which comes with too much premium champagne. I've redone the template, with the help of the good people at www.btemplates.com and I've also asked a good friend if he would like to be an author on the blog, but that is still in development. So sorry for the wait for the posts to come back up, it's been a hectic yet good Christmas, and I'm bursting with new ideas.

We have new resolutions, some to lose weight, some to find love. Mine? To go to Chicago. Which will be a challenge. I don't even have a passport.

I love Chicago, it contain's 3 of the things in it's history which I love. Frank Sinatra, prohibition gangsters, and Chicago Town pizza's. So it's only natural that I want to go there. I want to experience the vibrancy of the night-life, I want to learn about the prohibition gangsters, how they got the then illegal booze into the city, the true Chicago coffee shops, and all of the customs which are expected in the city. I want to climb to the top of the Willis Tower, to look out onto the bustling city life. Only a few problems. I don't have a passport.

I have only been out of the country on one occasion, and that was a school trip to France in year 8. I also don't have enough money to carry out this excursion of mine. I also suffered from a problem which Josef Stalin had. He never flew, and he never wanted to, he was scared of flying. I've never been on a plane, but I'm scared to. I'll  have to conquer this fear before I have enough money and a god damn passport to go there in the first place.

Still, a man can dream though. A man can dream.
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