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Been A Long Time

I know that things have been silent on here for a while, but I do apologise, and I will try to keep posting as much as I can. With college work, family life and friends, things can get hectic and it does get hard for me to keep on posting. Anyway's enough apologising, lets get down to business.

Things are changing in 2011, the EMA is being cut indefinitely (well, for as long as Cameron is in office), Jo Yeates' suspected murderer is being charged and this is the last college year for me. Or is it? I'm thinking of doing a couple of other courses at college so it may not be. Friends will be lost this year, but others will be made. I will also try and be more regular with the blog posts. I know a few days is a long time to wait between posts, and I am sorry, but thank you for bearing with me, and you won't be disappointed. I'm planning an expansion and I am looking for some new blog authors*. I'm also looking to collaborate with a couple of people, so with a bit of luck, the blog will be bigger than ever.

I will also try and keep reviews more regular, but with less things to review in this day and age, they may be few and far between. I will also rant and rave more, so if you enjoy seeing me annoyed at people and venting on here, you will be in luck. It's been 3 weeks into January and people are already starting to piss me off, so with a bit of luck, I will rage at them.

Anyway's people, thanks for keeping with me on this, and thanks for last year, over 1,000 viewers, keep it coming.

* If you are interested, email me, send me a Facebook message or come and find me. 
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