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So, its the 1st of December, it's freezing and really icy. That is what Christmas is really about. Not all the Coke adverts and deals for Quality fucking Street.

Those who know me know I don't like mass produced things. Music, being an example (such as the X Factor and American Idol) because it's fake. That's what Christmas is being turned into. Something for the corporations to use to market cheap products to shoppers who get caught in it's pull. How long before we see an advert with Jesus on it saying "Honour my birthday, buy Fairy Liquid" or something like that? Not long I think.

Christmas is about family, friends and being happy (alcohol induced happiness included), not about being fleeced to buy cheap products for people who you see once a decade. You want to buy presents because you want to, not because enterprises want you to. Buy them because you want to make a gesture to someone to show how much you care for them. They want nice things, like aftershave or giant bars of chocolate which'd take 3 months to eat, not cheap socks or sweatshirts.

Have a nice Christmas, not a mass-produced one.
Xmas Xmas Reviewed by Matt Large on Wednesday, December 01, 2010 Rating: 5

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