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Review: Ricky Gervais Live 4; Science

He's back. Ricky Gervais is back. He's back and bigger than ever! In his latest show, to follow on from Animals, Politics and Fame, he does little to mention anything about science. He talks about the flaws on Noah's Ark, why fat people are fat, and how to get fat people to lose weight.

His stage is covered in tubes bubbling with green water, and with acrylic brains floating in them, he's far gone from the previous show he released on DVD, in which he walked out on stage in a cape and crown, to the song One Vision. He's got a cliché voice over though, which is a nice touch. He goes on about he can do "back flips, cartwheels" and other gymnastics, but he can't on the show because he's hurt his back. He also talks about the mentally disabled and Ken Dodd. He's not being offensive, he's just being funny.

He also talks about how fat people can lose weight in a supermarket, including a "human sized door" and fruit and vegetables. Put the two together. He talks about Christmas presents from the past (his well off friends giving him a goat they give away) and giving a runt dog to his niece and telling her that she killed it in the night. He talks about autograph hunters, and Iceland (not the shop, the country) and the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. It's a mouthful I know.

Overall, the show might not be as funny as his previous shows, but he puts them on the ropes a few times. He brings wit, and intelligence to the show, giving the viewer an insight into his life, and, so he says, true stories about "fat mental birds" at Ken Dodd gigs. A definite must see for any Gervais fan.

Review Score:

Humour: 5/5
Wit: 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Better Than Previous: 3/5
Overall Fluidity: 4/5

Score = 25/25
Review: Ricky Gervais Live 4; Science Review: Ricky Gervais Live 4; Science Reviewed by Matt Large on Saturday, December 04, 2010 Rating: 5

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