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Man, what is it about Tuesday's which makes me tired? The fact the weekend is over and I don't have college Mondays, or the fact that I have college Tuesday's? The latter I would think, as I have the most boring, emotionally tiring lecturer straight away as soon as I get into college.

He is boring, so so so badly boring. He teaches us nothing, Powerpoint's us all to death, and cannot grasp anyone's attention for longer than a nanosecond. It is so draining, and just refuses to offer anything to captivate our attention and fails to give us any motivation to actually do our work for him.

I hate the fact that we are stuck with him like this, and I hate the fact that he doesn't even realise how much we don't want to be there. I'd rather not be there.

I'm going to go now, as I'm so tired I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. Night night.
Shattered Shattered Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Rating: 5

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