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Review: Example; Won't Go Quietly

It's review time again, and for this review, I've chosen the new album from rising dance group Example (dance group in the sense of dance music, not Diversity). The album, Won't Go Quietly is possibly one of the best dance/electro albums I've heard in a while. It boasts massive bass lines, catchy tunes and great hooks in some of the songs.

The albums headlining song, "From Space" holds a bassy start, with electronic voices at the start, followed by acapella lyrics and the bass in the background, with the occasional kick in from the drum machine. It, in essence is a rap song, and to be brutally honest, it suits this album down to the ground.

When you think of Example, I guess you think of 2 of the best songs on the electronic scene at the moment, Won't Go Quietly and Kickstarts. These songs are the pinnacle of success by the group, and aside from the bass and annoyingly catchy lyrics, it holds its own against the likes of The Wideboys, Deadmau5, and, dare I say, the likes of The Prodigy.

But, unfortunately, the album does have a couple of drawbacks. One of these is the song Won't Believe The Fools, which does not need the bass, or the entire group lyric voiceovers. It also has dubstep bass lines, which are as needed as dry rot. It would be more suited as an acoustic song, without all the bass and the rap lyrics. The other is the fact that John Gleave's voice really does grate after about 5 songs. It gets annoying and really, really, REALLY makes me want to bludgeon myself to death with my computer screen.

Overall, a good debut album, but I am truly hoping that he ups the ante for the next album. Or so I'm hoping.

Album Rating : 7/10
Review: Example; Won't Go Quietly Review: Example; Won't Go Quietly Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, November 21, 2010 Rating: 5

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