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People have different personalities, we are all unique. We all have traits which are both annoying and genius to fit each other's personalities. We all have things about us that no one else can have. We may be similar, but different at the same time.

People act in different ways. We all make our own decisions, be them right or wrong. We learn from our mistakes and try not to make them again. We fail, we succeed, we laugh and we cry. We are human and we can't help but making the same mistakes over and over again. Like George Bush Senior fathering George Bush Junior. Big mistake. Then again, so were the Spice Girls.

And Justin Bieber.

But no matter what mistakes we make, we always know what to do. Cry and call in the U.N. So when something goes wrong for you, do not fret. Call in the U.N or the US, seeing as they like to be in control of everything.
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