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Once Again

Have I not already said that I don't want to see you saying how "you could just break down and cry"? I said it around a month ago, and you still don't listen. Do us all a favour and get someone who actually cares. Once again you keep saying how you want to "end your life because no one gets me, even my boyfriend doesn't understand me!". Please just shut the fuck up. You annoying slag.

The only reason people pay any attention to you is because you keep threatening to kill yourself, WHEN WE ALL KNOW IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! You always have something to say, you are selfish and insignificant. You have lost everyone who was actually close to you because of your incessant whining and bitching. So do us all a favour, and leave everyone alone and stop attention seeking. Maybe even push the boat out and write "a suicide note saying how you are so misunderstood and how people will never understand how you are feeling". AGAIN!

So, in layman's terms, shut up, stop posting and actually do something about it. You would make my news feed a LOT shorter than it is now if you did. I'd be fucking grateful. Thanks.
Once Again Once Again Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, November 22, 2010 Rating: 5

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