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A New Era

Before there's any sneering, snorting or trolling, lets examine the facts before throwing our toys out of the pram. In a commercial sense at the very least, Bullet For My Valentine have blazed a trail through the world of metal which no other band formed in the 21st century can boast. This isn't an opinion, it is a fact. They have achieved what every band dreams about, having done it through a torrent of hatred and an avalanche of scorn. Despite the venomous attacks from the internet, critics and the metal community, they have emerged as possibly the biggest British band to have emerged since Iron Maiden smashed through the barriers and constraints in the late 70's and early 80's. If you look for a benchmark for saying what a British metal band can accomplish in the modern world, Bullet For My Valentine are that benchmark.

But despite releasing The Poison (a modern classic in it's own right) in 2005, Bullet For My Valentine and the metal community have shared a, let's be polite here, colourful relationship. After picking up their first Metal Hammer Golden God award in 2006 for best UK band, they stood among a shitstorm of bottles and boo's. Matt Tuck (BFMV frontman) was quoted to have said at the time "Every one of those people who booed us will own a  copy of The Poison".

So, why then do I pose the name of this post as A New Era? Well, in my personal belief, bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Architects, Sylosis, Asking Alexandria, Letlive, Your Demise, Escape The Fate, The Word Alive, Glamour Of The Kill, Emmure, Malefice, Motionless In White, Deez Nuts and Melodi are they way forward for British metal music. All of these bands are reincarnates from bands of old, from people like Iron Maiden, to those forerunners of metal, Black Sabbath. Some of these bands are crosses of current ones (Melodi being a cross between The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath). But all of these bands will strive and fight to be where Bullet For My Valentine are. They work hard and do their part to keep British metal alive.

And those of you who say that metal is dying, you are all very wrong. Emerging bands who play crappy gigs in dives and riffs  bars across the country will become certainly become some of the best bands ever to grace the United Kingdom.

A New Era A New Era Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, November 21, 2010 Rating: 5

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