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1980-1989, the best 9 years of music. Some of the greatest acts, performances and times to be in music. Band Aid, bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Lionel Ritchie were performing non stop, and Barry Manilow was on Copacabana beach. The 9 years of music innovation and exploration is possibly the best known throughout the world. Many people, such as Duran Duran were exploring the crossovers and depths of music not done in the 70's. The world held its breath as stars from the 70's like Michael Jackson were going it alone. He turned out to be one of the biggest performing sensations the world have ever seen.

Yet we hold our breath at other little known artists from that time. Frankie Knuckles being my point. Your Love, which is possibly his most famous song, is played still in clubs throughout the world. Yet when I ask people if they've heard of him, I get a black response. People like him created the innovation in dance music as we know it. Recognition is a fickle thing.

The 80's was also a time of rock music innovation. Bands like Iron Maiden, Queen, Duran Duran, Adam And The Ants were moving through the woodwork, the Mod's enjoyed bands like The Ramones and music was never settling for a long period of time. Bands like Mötley Crüe and Kiss were revolutionising Glam Metal, a genre which is still used by bands today, like Steel Panther. Many bands, like The Crüe and Guns N Roses raised the bar for those wishing to be like them, such as Metallica and other bands wishing to go on stadium tours and making millions in days. 

80's pop music was also revolutionised with those who sung about political things. Kim Wilde springs to mind, singing about Kids In America, and Nena, playing with her 99 Luftballoons. Rage Against The Machine were starting to make a smash in the clubs on the political scene around 87-88 and bands from Eastern Europe made a smash when the wall came down.

I don't thing I'm the only person who thinks like this. The 80's, to me, were the best time to make music and be on the scene. These bands caused a wave of new thinking which the following years of music would remember for a while. Bands from today take the styles of yesterday, and continue to use ideals which were created during the 80's. Best generation EVER.

What's your favourite? Send me an email with your opinion and why. 
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