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This Love Has Taken It's Toll On Me

Is it just me, or do relationships these days seem to fail and everyone has to get into a nuclear fall out shelter just to have any hope of surviving the shit flinging in the next few weeks? I certainly seem to think so. People are so vindictive and backstabbing these days. Just take a step back and shut up.

Literally 2 days ago, you were posting on Facebook (surprise surprise) about how "none of this is gonna end and I love you xxxxxxx". Without revelling too much in the fact that you're wrong, HA! Why, suddenly, do you hate their guts and want to kill them? I'd understand it if they murdered your family and raped your pets, but because, for instance, you argued too much or you just don't feel right together, you seem to find it necessary to want to make everyone turn against them and for everyone to side with you. Why are you doing this?

Then again, we do get some genuinely sweet relationships, like a good friend of mine, who I will call Silver (his blog address to follow*) has been with his girlfriend for 7 months, and he acts, with her like he has only just started going out with her. They are happy together, and if they ever did break up (god forbid) they wouldn't want to stab each other in the backs. They would just be happy with it (due to the circumstances, I'm not saying they would be happy apart, because they love each other) and they would get on with it.

Take a leaf out of their books, and just be happy. Or stay in your relationship and stop flooding Facebook with all this hate mail after love. It's driving me insane.

* http://www.silverstrike16.blogspot.com
This Love Has Taken It's Toll On Me This Love Has Taken It's Toll On Me Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, October 25, 2010 Rating: 5

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