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Self Suicide, It's Like Killing Yourself

I have known people in the past which constantly put themselves down, and they "want to end it all because they are so misunderstood". Fuck. Off. No one misunderstands you, no one doesn't understand your intricate life and people just don't care that you want to kill yourself. In this sense, just do it. If you keep on about it, do it. Pic's or it didn't happen.

I sound like I'm venting now, and that's because I am. I am sick of seeing people on Facebook going "My life sucks, help me or I'm going to kill myself". In other words, "I hate being ignored, pay attention to me or I'm going to threaten to kill myself".

I want to help people, but not when they are attention seeking ass holes. So, if you are going to kill yourself, get help. Seek medical and psychiatric attention. Don't go onto Facebook and start posting saying you are. It would shorten my notifications icon SUBSTANTIALLY. Please. Damn scene kid.
Self Suicide, It's Like Killing Yourself Self Suicide, It's Like Killing Yourself Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, October 03, 2010 Rating: 5

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