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Internet, Non Stop Lag and Disconnection

I know that when I vent here, my internet may disconnect. Which, to be honest, is nothing different from whatever I do. The router, though expensive, we got for free thanks to Pipex. But, the internet drops out every 10 minutes, and, for some reason, the damn firmware will not update, and when it does, the router refuses to work and it has to be rolled back.

To be honest, it would have been better to be disconnected from the internet and just to use my phone for web browsing. It is the most annoying prospect to think that I log on and within 15 minutes the internet cuts out. Why is it so? Is it because I live in an area of crappy connections, or does Pipex like pissing me off with prospects of slow internet and disconnection.

I mention in the title non stop lag, and this is almost as bad as the disconnection. I want to hang myself with the Ethernet cable it is that bad. I just hope that I can sort these problems out before I set fire to the router.

How many of you also suffer from internet problems. Get in contact with me by email or comment, and let me know your views.
Internet, Non Stop Lag and Disconnection Internet, Non Stop Lag and Disconnection Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, October 31, 2010 Rating: 5

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