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Airport Security

Has anyone else heard about the proposed changes to airport security? For those who have, allow me a minute to explain to those who don't. People propose that airport security should change over fears of delays and that it isn't actually helping the war on terror. I'm sorry, but what?!

In what way does stringent security checks and x-ray scanning NOT help fight terrorism? It's a lot like saying take away guns because the villains don't want us to have them. Doing this puts our country, our home and the land where we feel most welcome (except in Liverpool) at risk!

The only reason people want to scrap these security checks, in my opinion is because it costs too much to implement. This has only surfaced because of the spending review proposed late last week. If the review didn't happen, would the security checks have been proposed to go? I want to hear your views on this one. Either leave a comment on this post, reach me on my Facebook @ www.facebook.com/bullet.for.my.mattentine or at my Formspring @ www.formspring.me/mattlarge1
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