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Teh Xbox

Now Halo Reach has arrived for Xbox (IN YO FACE PLAYSTATION!!!!), you'd think that people would just go home and play it. WRONG! I have been bombarded all day by people who are telling me to go out and buy it. In my own time thank you very much. I believe that if I wanted to buy it, I would, not wait for people to go and tell me to. I'm not a fucking sheep.

What I buy is no ones business but my own. I like reading both books and magazines, so I will buy those. I like gaming, so I may buy a game. But not when someone shoves the disc case up my nose telling me that he's better than everyone else.

So please, let me decide.
Teh Xbox Teh Xbox Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Rating: 5

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