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Pain. It is a manifestation to show that you are feeling discomfort in different ways. In other words, you hurt. But is pain just something in the mind to show that you do not crave such activities?

People show pain all the time. Woman more so, or so they say. They suffer child birth. Well, try suffering a game of Modern Warfare 2 with a bad connection. I'm joking by the way. It's more like Halo.

But as I mentioned earlier, is pain just something we show when we want to show discomfort to activities, or is it an attention seeking technique to show that our "pain thresholds" are higher than other peoples? It's up to people themselves to show this feeling. But why do people play for sympathies? I believe, personally, that people do this for attention.

I believe it stems back to pre-historic times, when our ancestors showed their "pain thresholds" to gain the best females. I.e. the strongest and most pain resistant males gained the female, whilst the weakest and more pain receptive male gained nothing but his hand for an evenings pleasure.

Still, pain is pain, stop playing sympathies. It doesn't work.

Take One For The Team Take One For The Team Reviewed by Matt Large on Friday, September 17, 2010 Rating: 5

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