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As anyone who actually knows anything about me, they know that I like the occasional drink and that I love photography. I could happily spend hours in the country taking pictures until the memory card is full. And I can happily spend hours upon end photoshopping such images to brighten them up, sharpen them and make them look the best they can possibly be.

I don't own a massive Canon camera. I have a little Sanyo 8.1 megapixel digital camera. But I love it. It is portable, it is an amazing little piece of hardware, it was cheap and it can easily fit in my pocket. It is possibly the easiest photography platform to use. It is so responsive as well. I don't have to mash down the trigger to take a photo.

So that is why, today, I plan to start using the camera a lot more. A LOT more. I have some coursework to do involving photo's, so I'm gonna crack out the camera and snap away.

Tell me, what your favourite camera is, and what you take pictures off. Happy Snapping!
Photographeh Photographeh Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, September 26, 2010 Rating: 5

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