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Music, Again

I've stated my claims last month, and I will again this month. My music, my taste, my life, don't like it? Fuck off then.

I'm really started to get annoyed by people who dub me "emo" just because I listen to heavy metal and stuff like that. Please, just back off and leave me alone. I'm not asking you to listen to it, it's up to you what you listen to, no one else. What people listen to gives no tessellation with what or who they are. A friend of mine (a really amazing, great friend) listens to Hannah Montana, yet I don't dub her a 7 year old for liking such things. I tease her for it, but it's up to her.

So just fuck off those who don't like it. Don't like the heat? Stay out of the kitchen. End of. I'm not posting about my music taste again. Case closed. Finito. Twats.
Music, Again Music, Again Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Rating: 5

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