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IE 9

The beta for Internet Explorer 9 is upon us! But, is it as good as it seems? Internet Explorer has been flawed for a long time. It has become slower, it has become harder to use, and it is harder to keep your information secret when it has a massive coding flaw inside it.

But, to be honest, it is a pretty decent browser to use. The design is new, and it looks more PoMo (post modern), fitting in with the likes of Safari and Chrome.

It's not up to me to review computer browsers and software, thats for dotHorizon to cover*. But I just think that it is well worth the download.

A couple of problems in it though. You cannot update blogs as the publish posts in blogs, and Flash programs don't close. Still, it is a decent broswer and hopefully all of the coding holes and flaws have been removed.

Good luck with this new venture, Microsoft, and I hope it works for you. unlike IE 8!

* http://www.dothorizon.blogspot.com/ Check it out! It's run by a good friend of mine!
IE 9 IE 9 Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Rating: 5

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