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Back at college. For some this is a good time, for others this is a time where they cannot be bothered. For me, this is a mixed experience. I enjoy my time at college, my friends are great and we have fun. But it is not my friends that bother me. It is a couple of select teachers which drive me up the wall. I will not say names, but give initals. KC and JS. They are capiable, but they do not teach to a standard which we have all become accustomed to.

The first of the gruesome twosome, KC, believes that his way is the word of god. Take for instance one of the units he was teaching us. He told me to delete the majority of my work, then re-do it as the way I was doing it was right all along. I wanted to stab him.

JC also believes this theory. He told a good friend of mine, Corwin, that the internet was wrong and for him to get a book. As if he was right?!

Still, it is only these two. We will persevere. Hopefully
College; Inside Tutorials College; Inside Tutorials Reviewed by Matt Large on Thursday, September 09, 2010 Rating: 5

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