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Here in lies a subject which many of you would probably not want me to discuss, as it touches on many nerves and can bring back horrific memories of those you have lost to it. I am talking, as the title suggests, about the C-Word. Or, in it's full scientific name, Malignent Plasmosis.

Having lost family to cancer, I feel that I need to speak out, as it is a horrific disease and I wish there was no such thing. Most recently I lost my grand dad to cancer, to be precise it was bone marrow cancer. I was close to him, as he was to me, and we shared some great memories in the past.

In my opinion, cancer is a subject which should be talked about more. In the U.K, we are assaulted with suggestions about how to live life, but very few on how to handle death. I believe that it is something which should be told to people, and to open their eyes to something which is becoming THE biggest thing in the world.

I want to hear your views on this subject, so tell me, how do you feel about cancer, and if you have lost someone to it. Talk about it, don't let it remain silent.
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