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Right, I have just got back from one of my local Starbucks, and lo and behold my coffee is already cold! Why is this so? It is fairly warm outside so the temperature isn't a factor. I live fairy close to the town, so distance doesn't come into the equation. I have drawn my conclusion, and it is the cups!

Seriously, since when does coffee or tea go cold at home in a normal cup? Only after a period of time does it go cold, so why does it go cold in Styrofoam? It's the build up of the cup itself which is the main problem. The cup lets in more air than it gets rid of, making the coffee go colder quicker.

Seriously, are we living in a day and age where we can't use the technology to design something better than Styrofoam? No wonder it's so damn expensive!
Starbucks Starbucks Reviewed by Matt Large on Monday, August 23, 2010 Rating: 5

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