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Starbucks, They Takin' Over Tha Wurld!!!!

Across the U.K, US and any decent civilisation (except France), Starbucks are found on street corners, in shopping centres and in places which don't need them. They thrive in student area's and serve you drinks which are both decent, and overpriced. But in all seriousness, they seem to appear from nothingness, and sustain from draining money from the innocent, unsuspecting man.

I used to hate a coffee on the way to college in the mornings. I used to go into Sainsbury's in the mornings, and buy a newspaper. Now I go into Starbucks to buy a caramel hot chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon. The drinks combinations are limitless, and they have more ingredients than an Indian restaurant. How they keep customers going back for more is obvious. They taste so damn good!

I could sustain myself on a Starbucks. Frappucino's give the taste of summer, whilst sitting lightly on the stomach. But I think that multiple stores in a close proximity is a bit too much. I mean, who goes out of 1 Starbucks, and goes "I could do with cappuccino to work off the frappucino I have just had"? (Apart from people with more money than sense). It is a bit too much.

So next time you have a Starbucks, don't crave for another Starbucks.

Go to Costa!
Starbucks, They Takin' Over Tha Wurld!!!! Starbucks, They Takin' Over Tha Wurld!!!! Reviewed by Matt Large on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Rating: 5

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