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Today, for the first time in absolutely ages, I came up with a money making scheme to join with that already growing, multimillion pound industry. Smoking. And I know people will probably set fire to my house (ironic to be honest) but if you can see things from my point of view, it will make things seem a lot clearer and a lot more sensible.

Around the U.K, 73% of the population smoke, meaning that there will be no shortage of lighters any time soon. So, I buy a lighter, for say 90p and sell it for £1. This trend is seen (again, I will probably be hunted for this) in schools, where single cigarettes and papers are sold for 3 times their intended value. Take for instance, a basic pack of 20 Malboro. The cigarettes would usually retail in the pack of 20 for around £4, making each cigarette 20p. People who are in dire need to smoke during a lunch break will pay, on average, 50-70p!

And, it is not just the people who need to spark up who I am aiming for. People who like to roll their own sometimes use "king papers" (larger papers = more tobacco). I have recently discovered a market gap for flavoured papers. These flavours include strawberry and kiwi, rum, grape, blackcurrant, maple syrup and many, many more. These papers retail at around 80p for a packet. I would sell these for 85p (not a high profit, but stable), meaning that if I sold 4 lighters and 6 packets of papers for the proposed price, in comparison to the basic price, I would make a profit of 70p. It's not mega bucks but it is enough to get started with.

I hope this business venture takes off, as the current U.K market for smokers is increasing as more people start to take a toke.
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