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Hair Styling, Beyond the Boundaries

In hair salons, pharmacies and Boots chains across the U.K, hair styling gel, moose and spray dominates the shelves. Ranging in brands and prices, the U.K spends around £500 million a year on hair care products. But why so much? Why do we spend such a large amount of money for something which looks like semen in a tub? I believe I hold the answer.

I believe the answer is sportsmen. Thousands of sports people around the U.K are sprucing up their appearances before match day, tee off and the first innings. They are making themselves, to use a kinder phrase, respectable, before they play the sports in which they have trained so long to be a part of. And, this effect is pushed onto the consumer, meaning that prices go up.

As per usual, I moan about prices of this, that and the other, but for this I have to moan about the prices. Prices can range from low to high. Cheapest I have seen is in Boots, with the gel priced at £1.50, where as the most expensive being in the closest salon to where I live, is a tub of what resembles yoghurt in a pot at £15. These prices are becoming more and more ludicrous. So please, all of you business', stop putting the prices up because David Toss-pot Beckham uses it! Or maybe we should all use semen in a cup.
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