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For once in your life, SHUT UP!

O.K, I don't know if it's just me but I am seriously pissed off with the neighbours. Not the elderly couple on one side, but the young family on the other. It seems that when we are most relaxed, they tend to pipe up by shouting at their 3 year old daughter, who does nothing else in the day except for scream when she wants something.

It's not just the screaming, its the constant wanting of toys every 5 minutes. Take for instance at Christmas, they bought her nye on the entire Toy's R Us shop, then bought her more presents for Xmas eve AND boxing day, and she still isn't satisfied!

They also tend to make noise, then complain when we so much as cough. A while ago me and my dad were putting some plasterboard in our veranda in the front garden. Bearing in mind that next door's Satan spawn woke us up at 6:30 that morning (bouncing on a trampoline and "singing"*), we started to hammer some nails in to support the plasterboard, when her dad comes out of the front door, telling us to stop making noise as she is trying to sleep.

I wanted to stab him so hard with the screwdriver that they would start calling him Philips.

I know I'm venting at this point and I am probably going to get beaten up by my next door neighbours, but I want to know, is it just me who suffers from A-N-S (asshole neighbour syndrome) or do others have worse experiences than I do. Comment on this please and share your experiences.

*she doesn't sing, she screams Lady Gaga at the top of her voice, just a phase? I think NOT!
For once in your life, SHUT UP! For once in your life, SHUT UP! Reviewed by Matt Large on Sunday, August 15, 2010 Rating: 5

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